Sophia Bush and Nia Betts Talk Detroit Grows on ‘She Pivots’ Episode 1

When I set out to create She Pivots, I was driven by the ups and downs I have faced in my life—both personally and professionally. I had my third child three weeks before the lockdown and, after leaving my career in politics, it harder to find those parts of myself that made me feel successful. But after talking with some incredible founders, I was able to identify what brought me inspiration and joy throughout these times: bold women taking on bold ventures. 

Most people know Sophia Bush from her starring roles in “One Tree Hill,” “Chicago PD,” and, most recently, “Good Sam.” But many may not know that she is a small business investor and advocate. This role came about thanks to her longtime friendship with Nia Linder Batts, one of the youngest Black entertainment executives at Viacom.


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