Newcomerstown hair salon awarded small business grant

Nameste Hair and Nails in Newcomerstown has been awarded an American Express/Main Street America grant.

As personal businesses such as beauty shops, restaurants and others faced major challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, grants became available from major corporations and others.

American Express and Main Street America were just one of many joining together to provide grants to small businesses across the U.S. at a crucial time for those struggling to continue, as well as those in need of upgrades, help with inventory, rent or other operational assistance.

American Express and Main Street America showed preference to those deeply affected by COVID, as well as businesses located in older historic commercial districts. One grant cycle focused primary on providing grants to dry cleaners, beauty shops and barbers.

This grant caught the attention of Danni Davis, owner of Nameste Hair and Nails located at 136 W. Main St., Newcomerstown. Davis has made numerous business strides in the village over the last few years.


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