New Galesburg grant program helps launch eight new businesses in 2022

GALESBURG — The city of Galesburg and the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development helped create three new business incentive programs this year that have contributed to the launch of at least eight new businesses. 

The incentive programs — the Southside Occupancy Assistance Program, the Minority/Woman-Owned Business Startup Assistance Program and the Minority Business Collateral Program — were approved by Galesburg City Council on Feb. 21 and draw from $750,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funding. 

Mayor Peter Schwartzman said the programs came out of conversations with people in Galesburg and the goal to make the city’s government responsive to the community’s needs as “our city’s ‘boat’ rises when all parts of the city and all its members rise.”

“When they said we are lacking in this or that, in this case, businesses on the south side, economic development on the south side, we set out to remedy that,” Schwartzman said. “And not just with a bandaid, but I think a $750,000 investment over three years is a very significant one and we are starting to see the fruits of that.” 


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