Grant program offers unique program for Houston’s small business owners

For all the thousands of small businesses that open in Texas, each year, many do not survive. 

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Many find they just can’t connect with customers. For those in Houston that are still trying to rebuild after the pandemic, there is a unique grant program to help with that. 

Juan Suarez knows, firsthand. You may not know him, but you’re probably thankful his business, JLK Builders, is around. They design and build underground utilities, like water and sewer service, that make construction projects possible. 

After several years in business, Suarez decided he needed to boost an image that potential clients could find. 

“I was looking to get into the digital part of the business because we were mainly concentrating on the work,” he says.


But, ‘wanting’ to expand his digital presence, and being able to do it, were two different things. That’s where a grant from Wells Fargo’s Digital Communities Program filled in the blanks. 

With a million dollars set aside for small businesses in Los Angeles and Houston, the program offers to take companies from Main Street online with $10,000 worth of free online tools, services, and training. 

“With this investment, we are proud to help open economic pathways that will help the Houston small business community thrive,” says Wells Fargo’s Tom DeBesse. 

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Now, with an interactive webpage, social media presence, and a simplified way to connect, Suarez says the greater visibility has become a helpful addition for his business to connect with potential clients.

“They look at my webpage, and they can see what I’m doing,” he concluded. “Pictures help visualize, so it’s easier for me to close deals.” 


The program was born out of the pandemic experience that threatened so many small businesses and is geared toward those that are still open and trying to survive. 

Applications are now open, you can learn more by clicking here. 


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