FinImpact to award $17,500 in cash to three finalists via its Embracing Equity Women’s Empowerment Business Grant

FinImpact.Com is a free service that offers entrepreneurs and business owners the quickest, smoothest and most reliable route to financing.

In this exclusive interview, Sam Weisfeld the Managing Editor at FinImpact.Com takes us through the journey of FinImpact.Com and also discusses FinImpact.Com’s inspiration behind the Equity Women’s Empowerment Business Grant.

Q: In a nutshell, describe what FinImpact is all about and the goals it hopes to achieve?

Finimpact is a financial platform that provides the general public with accurate, relevant, and trustworthy information about financial products. It does so by publishing expert reviews of financial instruments as well as articles that can improve the financial literacy of its readers. The goal of Finimpact is simple, to make the Internet a more “authentic and trustworthy source of information.”

Q: What is the inspiration behind Finimpact Embracing Equity Women’s Empowerment Business Grant?

Finimpact provides an extensive database of helpful information and “how to” in regard to small businesses, financial tools, loan application processes, and so on. The inspiration behind this grant is to empower women who are often in disadvantaged positions to implement the information and start their own impact-driven businesses.

Q: Why is this grant focused on women-led businesses?

Finimpact recognizes the discrepancies in the financial sectors, especially when it comes to funding for female lead businesses, therefore it puts its best effort forward to make a change and empower women.

Q: How long has this initiative been in existence and how long does Finimpact plan to continue with it?

The “Embracing Equity” initiative was announced on the 8th of March 2023 in honor of International Women’s Day, therefore it has been in existence shortly. Finimpact does plan on continuing this grant indefinitely.

Q: What does it take to be eligible for the grant?

The applicant has to be an American citizen over the age of 18 and possess good written and verbal knowledge of the English language. In consistency with the idea of equity, the business has to be women-led or at least one of the business owners has to be a woman. The business also needs to classify as a “small business” which entails 99 or fewer employees. Last but not least, the applicant for this grant has to be a person in a main leadership position such as General Manager, CEO, COO, CTO, or Managing director of the business.

Q: Are there business or specific business models that are of interest to the judges or is the initiative completely all inclusive?

There is no preferential treatment based on the type of business or business model. The initiative is all inclusive.

Q: What are some of the most nuanced criterias the judges are looking for to select the best 3 candidates?

There are 10 finalists that will have the opportunity to speak with a Finimpact representative. The best three candidates will be chosen based on the following criteria: The applicant gives a good representation of their business identity as well as their social outlook and overall business culture. The applicant conveys the motivation, principles, and driving force behind the business. The applicant effectively demonstrates how the business will implement, and benefit from the grant.

Q: The initiative is only aimed at the American market, is this restriction going to change in the near future, or will it remain the same as long as the initiative lasts?

Given that the financial portal provides information that is only relevant within the USA, it is likely that this restriction will continue to exist.


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