Amazon Business announces 2023 Small Business Grant recipients

Sunny Brook Menagerie—Plymouth, Massachusetts

Small Business Grants

Rebecca Cohen, owner and educational director of Sunny Brook Menagerie

Sunny Brook Menagerie is a woman-owned farm dedicated to animal rescue and educating others about the care and therapeutic benefits of animal interaction. As a solopreneur, Rebecca runs a home-based animal encounter camp for kids to learn biology and animal care at the farm.

“Sunny Brook Menagerie is my life’s passion, and I love the opportunity to spread knowledge and compassion about the positive impact of interactions with animals. Our mission is to touch even more lives and expand our reach, so this grant will be an incredible help in our marketing efforts and covering the costs of supplies to run our educational sessions. Amazon Business allows us to quickly get specific items we need to make engaging projects come alive.”—Rebecca Cohen, owner and educational director of Sunny Brook Menagerie.

Tiny House, Inc.Fresno, California

Small Business Grants

Tiny House, Inc. (Thinc) develops and creates web-based educational/training multimedia modules for use primarily by high schools, and more specifically, the career technical education programs within them.

“Tiny House was born out of a desire to make homes more affordable for young people, retirees, and others who may not be able to afford, or who may need, a larger home. This grant will help us continue to make that dream of home ownership a reality, and will allow us to promote our vision and reach more high schools across the country. What I love most about Amazon Business is that it is such a user-friendly service that simplifies my business and my life.”—Nicholas Mosley, owner of Tiny House, Inc.

Pascual Law PLLCMurray, Utah

Small Business Grants

Pascual Law, PLLC works with employers to ensure that they can obtain legal workers. It also works with individuals to help reunite families.

“I’ve been practicing for more than three decades, and my favorite part of the job is getting to help immigrants successfully land jobs here, get their green cards, and reunite with their loved ones. This grant will allow us to help even more immigrants realize the American dream. I do all my ordering on Amazon Business, and I’m on the store pretty much every day getting what we need to keep supporting our clients. It’s so easy.”—Margaret W. Pascual, president of Pascual Law, PLLC

Founders PCsManhattan, Kansas

Small Business Grants

Founders PCs provides high-quality gaming equipment for esports and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to play, regardless of their background or abilities.

“Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and unlike other sports, anyone can join—people with mental or physical disabilities are still able to have fun. We’re excited to be a recipient of this grant and intend to use it for the opening of a STEM/gaming center to host LAN events and coding workshops for people of all ages to learn and create. We do a lot of shopping through Amazon Business. It’s convenient, and we can find the parts we need quickly and at great prices to best serve our customers.”—Luke Cillessen, owner of Founders PCs.


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